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The concept of “Gold beans,
The concept of “Gold beans.” is “to aim for a “little bit better” than your current lifestyle and current self.
Why don’t you introduce your company’s services and products on a website where such forward-looking people gather?

According to the results of the “Public Opinion Poll on People’s Lives” conducted by the Cabinet Office in October 2022, the number of respondents who answered that their lives are “improving” is “improving” and the number of respondents who answered “not improving” is “improving”,
Those who answered “improved” = 4.7%.
Those who answered “about the same” = 62.4
Those who answered “Decreasing” = 32.6%.
The results are as follows.
And the top three “worries and concerns” they have were (1) planning for retirement, (2) their own health, and (3) future income and assets.

Eliminating these concerns, increasing and protecting your money and assets – that’s what “Gold beans.

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